Monthly Archives: February 2010

Introducing Evolved Capital

After two long years of development, I’m proud to announce the launch of the beta for Evolved Capital.  As a financial analytics and market data company, we have decided not to pursue any venture capital financing, which would have sped up our development timeline.  We did not want to have any hint of bias to our data or preferential treatment for some investors over others.  Unlike some of our competitors, we have no formal or informal ties to any investors, yet we maintain strong relationships with many venture funds to keep the development focus.

The idea for Evolved Capital originated during my time at UBS as an investment banker analyst.  I always wondered what could be done to automate much of what an analyst does.  Too many all-nighters convinced me to eventually pursue this opportunity.  The second stimulus was my time as a venture capitalist.  I created many tools necessary to help manage a venture fund in addition to a comprehensive MS Excel-based financial model.  I quickly realized that no one else could operate this model and that the tools I created were useful for all yet updated by none.  Ultimately they were too cumbersome, difficult to operate, and time consuming to update.  I started doing some financial modeling work for a few venture funds and companies and realized that simply creating more excel models that I also would be the only one to operate wasn’t the best solution.  The idea for Evolved Capital thus was born during my last semester in business school.

Our goal is nothing less than to evolve and improve the allocation of capital.  The first market we’re tackling is the private fundraising market.  We’ve designed a simple yet elegant system to help a VC/investor or a company with the practical aspects of raising money.  If you’d like to beta the system, please email  I’ll explain more about the system and business model in future posts.