Let Evolved Capital Help You Optimize Your VC Fundraising Strategy

If your company is seeking venture capital funding, you’re probably already aware that VC deal structures can be extremely complex. VCs know that small changes to the terms of a deal can have a huge impact on their returns, so they employ analysts to thoroughly model each deal term and its impact on their payout. Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs seeking VC funding don’t have the resources or expertise to do this type of analysis.

describe the imageEvolved Capital’s returns analysis service is the perfect way to level the playing field. Using our proprietary VC returns model, our experts will deliver an insightful and actionable analysis comparing all deal terms and investment scenarios. You’ll clearly see the impact each deal term has on the payout to your company’s shareholders, giving you a valuable edge in the negotiation process.

What you’ll get:

  • A complete report (PDF / Powerpoint) of our analysis, projecting payouts to your company’s shareholders under various investment and exit scenarios.
  • 1 year of service from our analysts to run additional scenarios and comparisons for you.
  • 1 year of access to your interactive analysis in our web-based software platform, which can be used to adjust the model or analyze additional scenarios yourself.
  • A customized Excel-based version of your analysis, allowing you to track and analyze your existing and hypothetical cap tables.
  • 1 year of access to our fundraising manager, a tool to help your team collaboratively manage and organize your outreach to potential investors.

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